And they lived happily ever after – a Disney wedding

When I first met Emma and Jon and they told me about their Disney themed wedding, I knew I really wanted to shoot it. From chatting more to Emma later on, I knew there’d be so many small but important details to capture in this wedding, starting from the bride and bridesmaids getting ready.


Emma’s dress was fit for a princess, and bloody heavy! The detail in the lace and the jewels around the middle were exquisite and I made great use of my macro lens capturing every detail. Her hair as you can see from the pictures was done in the style of Rapunzel from ‘Tangled’ and these subtle and classy nods to Disney continued through the day. The bridesmaids were adorned with little ‘mad-hatter’ style top-hats… as were the Groomsmen, all they needed was a playing card or two to complete the look!

The ceremony itself was incredibly traditional and in a church that Emma in particular has a strong connection with. The light coming in through the stained glass windows was lovely and I enjoyed shooting all the little details such as tiny carved mice on the pews!ImageThe couple signed the register to ‘I see the light’ from Tangled and ‘Today was a Fairytale’ by Taylor Swift was their walk-out music; very appropriate!

After the church we moved on to the beautiful Walworth Castle in Darlington where we had a lot of fun taking both traditional (but minimal) group shots and then some more fun, quirky stuff!Image

They looked stunning against the lovely stone steps/walls of the castle and it fitted in very well with the ‘fairy-tale’ theme. In the middle small picture on the montage you can see Emma’s shoes which were made by her family by cutting out Disney images from magazines and sticking them onto some regular plain shoes, so clever and a great addition to their theme.

Inside the castle, in the room where the wedding breakfast would take place was where the magic really came to life. ImageIt was beautifully decorated in pink and green with centerpieces on each table inspired by different Disney movies. Each guest had a small ‘Drink-Me’ bottle and ‘Eat Me’ biscuit (Alice in Wonderland) and on each place setting was a different Disney character that best represented the person who would sit there. So much thought had gone into this and it was so beautifully done that I spent ages going around getting pictures of all the little details they’d put so much love and effort into.

After the meal came more fun pictures in the grounds and around the castle. Emma and I went off on our own for a bit to give poor Jon a break and we recreated the little nod to ‘Princess and the Frog’ you see below [credit: Disney for the frog image]. Not long after the kissing of the frog, Jon reappeared (ho ho) and we did some Cinderella inspired shots on the gorgeous stairs of the castle.ImageI also borrowed their rings to do a cute ‘Mr and Mrs’ in Disney font which worked better than I’d hoped :).


The room for the night ‘do’ was in the ‘courtyard’ room of the castle and was ‘Up’ inspired… I love Up! From the guestbook where people were encouraged to draw their own balloon (see middle picture below) to the bunches of balloons on every table, this room cried out FUN!



The first dance was the best surprise of the night, turning from a gentle sway to ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ into a ‘Granny cover your ears’ rendition of Buck Cherry’s ‘Crazy Bitch’. The crowd loved it and it really started the night with a bang. This was such an amazingly fun wedding to shoot and Jon and Emma are two absolutely lovely people who deservedly had a fantastic day/night. I wish them all the luck in the world and hope my next wedding is half the fun this one was!





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