A little bit of vintage

Last week I had the privilege of working with a friend of mine who has a particularly lovely business, Kayley Cares Vintage Singer. She dresses up and sings songs from bygone eras, primarily to those suffering from dementia in order to bring back certain memories and help them engage and interact with others.

Kayley wanted a film and photographs to help promote what she does and give people a feel for how her business works… and that’s where we came in!

We still have to do the filming and photography in a care home where Kayley regularly performs, but I wanted to share our session at Tanfield Railway with you because it encompasses Kayley’s vintage theme so amazingly well.

Kayley-01-watermarkedKayley-in-field-4kayley-with-camera kayley-on-railway Kayley-03-against-white-decay-watermarked Kayley-02-radio-bench-suitcase-watermarked


6 thoughts on “A little bit of vintage

    1. Thanks so much :). Yeah she has a really lovely business and genuinely cares about helping people, she’s awesome!

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