A Three Month Blog

It’s been three months since I last blogged. This is bad news considering I promised myself (and have lectured others) that when you have a blog, you should be consistent in your updates. I could say I’ve been really busy (and this is accurate) but the truth is I could’ve blogged several times along the way and didn’t. So here’s my three months in a nutshell:

  • We moved house
  • We went to Prague for a short break
  • We spent two weeks in France/Belgium filming a new documentary

On Moving House

Stressful, obviously, but we had a lot of help which makes a huge difference. Worth it though, lots more space and where we are now is much better for cycling/walking so we’ve been doing a lot more of that – all good stuff.

On Prague

Prague by Night

Prague was one of the prettiest places I’ve visited… LOVED it and would definitely go back. Everything is reachable on foot and our hotel was only minutes away from the Charles Bridge. Czech black beer is now firmly in my favourite beers list and their goulash is amazing. I would highly recommend Pivnice U Zlatého Slona, just off the market place. Their goulash was the best I’ve tasted and you could get a large beer for about £1.

Prague Funfair Orchestra

The Prague Funfair Orchestra were playing at the castle and were fabulous, really added atmosphere to the trip and I wish I’d bought their CD!

On France & Belgium

Belgian Countryside

This was a working trip to film for a new WWI documentary. We followed a local history group who had relatives or had researched soldiers in various cemeteries and memorials.

Ovillers Military Cemetery – Somme

We visited a lot of northern France and southern Belgium and the experience was one I’ll never forget and would like to repeat at some stage.

The Menin Gate Last Post – Ypres, Belgium

I had very little interest in WWI before we started doing these docus, if I’m honest. I’d read a lot about WWII but knew nothing about the first one. You can’t describe being there (sounds naff, I know) but I highly recommend anyone to visit these sites and it will probably make you want to know more – it did with me.

Pozieres British Cemetery – Ovillers-La Boisselle

I might do a more in depth blog on this trip later, as there’s so much more to share on it. I still haven’t one on Skye from our trip in February either… I’m terrible. But this is me promising to be better. I’ll probably end up blogging ’til you’re stick of me now.


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