The Notebook Dilemma, a Creative Spark and Fitbit Fanatics…

What’s that? Another blog about three things because it’s been a month since I’ve blogged?

The Notebook Dilemma

I can’t be the only one this happens to. I buy cute notebooks all the time, promising myself this one will be different… it will get used, it will fulfil its notebooky destiny. Then this happens:


A multitude of empty books. They actually have their own small shelf now; this isn’t even all of them! I have one notebook which has actually become a working one; I carry it in my handbag and use it to make notes, jot down work related ideas and make impromptu shopping lists. The rest, I promise myself will have some fabulously creative use some day, but they’re still waiting for that day. I’m open to ideas.

A Creative Spark

I’m a photographer and writer and sometimes when you do something you enjoy for a living, you can stop doing it so much as a hobby. It’s a natural evolution but it’s not really one I want to indulge, hence trying to still keep up with the blog. I hadn’t taken any photos for ‘fun’ for a while and I hadn’t even wanted to bring my camera out for ages, so my partner said we were having a day in the Lake District and to bring my camera!

Some of the pictures I got on our day at the Lake District

Thoroughly enjoyed this and it made me want to get out and take more, so I went to the river Tees a LOT over the last few weeks, making the most of the interesting water and pretty waterfalls:

Low-Force-2 waterfall-tees-black-and-white

I’ve got a thing for black and white at the minute too, as you can probably tell. I think it’s with it being summer, the greens and blues can make everything appear really saturated and blown out. I’m not keen on that but then converted to black and white it works really well because of the high contrast.

Also paid a visit to Raby Castle the other day. Still need to edit some of the pictures from there but I did get this shot, which is pretty much the one everyone gets when they visit!

Raby castle black and white

Fitbit Fanatics

So we got Fitbits:


The idea here is that you’re chasing numbers and doing a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. It’s really worked for us so far and I’ve found myself much more receptive to ‘little walks’ like a walk to the shops for example, than I was before. I enjoy a walk somewhere pretty, and we’re doing a couple of those ‘big walks’ a week, but having the Fitbit has really increased our activity on the days when we’re not doing those walks or bike rides. Even if you’re not dieting – which we’re not, it’s about being more active, not losing weight – then it must still benefit you as you’re doing more than you usually would. After a few weeks of having these now, I’m pretty sure the novelty isn’t going to wear off but I’m hoping that we don’t slow down too much come the cold weather!


3 thoughts on “The Notebook Dilemma, a Creative Spark and Fitbit Fanatics…

  1. I can totally relate with you on the notebook dilemma. One year, every person I knew gave me a notebook for my birthday and for Christmas. I have dozens, and yet whenever I see them for sale, I can’t help but look!
    You take gorgeous photos. You do have the benefit of the lovely scenery, but you have a good eye for a great composition. I enjoyed reading your blog!

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