Autumn, Walking & Plans

Competition Winner

So first things first, my competition ended and CanvasPop picked a winner… Victoria Wandless. She chose this picture as her prize:

Eeilan donan competition proof

It’s my shot from Eilean Donan back in February, when we had an amazing trip to Skye. I actually want this shot myself so I might have to buy one now that I’ve seen this!

Forest Times

Since we got Fitbits (see a couple of blogs back), we’ve been a heck of a lot more active. Generally, this means we’ve gone out 3-4 times a week and done a speedy 4 mile walk, on top of the usual steps we’d do. The aim is to get 10,000 steps a day and the walk covers about 9,000 of them.

I think it’s doing us the world of good, particularly as we work from home, so you can go a little stir crazy if you’re in too much. We’ve also taken to having our ‘meetings’ while walking; bouncing ideas around and making plans… it works.


We had a damn good autumn, mild and not too windy so all the leaves stayed on the trees until they’d fully turned. I like having ‘proper’ seasons and enjoying the changes so I was really pleased we had such a good one. We had quite a bit of mist as well, which made for some really atmospheric photographs. Here’s some I took over the last couple of months.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A few things are already in place for next year, which is great. Work-wise things are looking healthy and I keep nagging myself to update my website as it doesn’t really reflect what I’m doing at all now. Maybe that would be a New Year’s resolution… if I actually did those.

On a personal front we’re in the middle of something very exciting and things are chugging along quite nicely. The one thing we do need is a holiday! As soon as things calm down then we’re booking somewhere – suggestions welcome :).




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