A New Thing Every Month – June: Roller Rink!

I’m a bit behind with blogging due to a little holiday and then work commitments. This one is a quicky!

To catch you up, if you don’t know; me and my other half are trying one new thing a month -just ’cause!

Turns out there’s a roller rink not too far from me so we headed there with our two friends Jenny and Hayley, ready and willing to make fools of ourselves.

The Rink

The rink itself is a little scruffy looking and small. In fairness, they did look as if they were in the process of doing it up, so it may get better.

It was £5 for us both as it was a buy one get one free night, so even if we all hated it we wouldn’t have wasted too much money!

The skates are as you’d expect, clunky rentals (included in the admission price) and reminded me of going ice skating with my school when I was a kid. I did wonder how, after putting them on sat down, I was going to stand up – but I managed (eventually) and tottered my way to the rink.

20160629_185006.jpgMy clunky rental skates – odd laces too!


After tottering my way around, clinging onto the side for a few laps, I finally felt ready to be brave and let go. By this time, everyone else was whizzing around like they’d done it forever. The other half fell over once, but other than that wasn’t bad at all!

I however, was a bit like Bambi on a frozen lake – not a good look. It was quite fun though and I did manage to get my confidence up a bit and skate round without being near the side – albeit at a snail’s pace.

I would do it again – I’m not sure anyone else in our group would!





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