A New Thing Every Month – October: Scream Factory

This was a fun one. Me, the other half, and one of our friends, went to Redcar for Scream Factory 2016, on Halloween night.

I had no idea what to expect, having never done this before, but the reviews were good and it looked like it would be a laugh if nothing else.

You choose a timeslot when you book your tickets and around 8-10 of you go through the ‘factory’ together. The small numbers are good because it means you don’t get lost in the crowd and you aren’t left behind when the ‘scares’ are happening.

Image courtesy of Scream Factory

There were several outbuildings which had been converted to look like various horror movie-type locations. So there was an old barn, a funhouse, a hospital and so on. The actors dressed appropriately for each location. They’re not allowed to touch you, but they can yell, come close and even follow you for a while. I was followed by one zombie-girl for some time, saying ‘mother…?’ fun and creepy!

Image courtesy of Scream Factory

Sometimes the corridors are pitch black and you have to feel your way through to the next section, but you can’t get lost and you can’t get hurt – there’s always someone to help if you do get stuck.

Image courtesy of Scream Factory

This was SO much fun and I laughed until my stomach hurt. Some of the younger girls who were on the tour screamed a LOT and if you don’t like sudden shocks (people jumping out, lights going on/off, loud noises) then it may not be for you. Maybe you like to be scared though, and if so, it’s lots of fun but likewise, if you don’t scare easily, it’s such a laugh and you can appreciate the hard work that’s gone into making this a success year after year.


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