A New Thing Every Month – November: Wreath Making

For November, we decided to make a Christmas Wreath in preparation for December. Neither of us really had a clue about this, so we had a quick Google and essentially it told us to get a ring for the wreath and stuff to put in it… simple really.

Sorry in advance that the pictures are a bit fuzzy – they’re from my phone.


We went out for a forest walk with some pruners and a bag, and cut some pine branches from some recently fallen foliage.

Then we decided we’d need some holly, ivy and something to add colour, like berries. It’s nigh on impossible to get berries in a forest, so on the drive home we kept our eyes peeled and pulled over when we spotted some on a bush at the side of the road.

Hurrah! Now all we needed was holly and ivy… but it was dark. Cue a quick jaunt to our local church where we ‘re-located’ a couple of discreet snips of each. Ahem.

Making The Wreath


We started by poking the pine branches into the ring, until we had them all the way around. After that, we filled in the top and then threaded through some holly, ivy and berries.


You need to be quite careful about how often you stick stuff in as once the oasis has lots of holes in it, the foliage won’t stay in easily.


At this point, there were pine needles everywhere (EVERYWHERE) and although the room smelled lovely, we’d had enough.

It was a bit rough and ready but it was kinda fun, and I’m not entirely ruling out doing it again…


This is it on our wall. You’re supposed to keep it damp so that it stays alive, but if you haven’t guessed by now, we’re pretty lazy, so we didn’t. Still, it survived until Christmas in a warm room, so it lasted pretty well.


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