A New Thing Every Month – December: Bloody Mary!

I have a confession… our thing this month came pretty last minute with all the general Christmas fuss. So, we decided we’d put a bet on at the bookies on New Year’s Eve as neither of us have done that.

Only problem was, we got there and it was closed. Oops.

New plan then – whatever we can scrounge from the local Co-Op.

Bloody Marys!

What You Need:


  • Vodka
  • Tomato juice
  • Tobasco sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Lemon juice
  • Paprika
  • Salt
  • Celery (optional)

You may notice we used passata as we couldn’t get juice at such short notice… bung in some water and it’s fine.


Put some lemon juice onto a plate or dish and then paprika and salt onto another.


This is to stick around the edge of your glass, so rub the top of the glass first around the lemon juice and then around the salt/paprika mix until your glass rim is covered:


Next, add your vodka and tomato juice in a ratio of 1/4 or as strong as you like. Add a couple of drops of Tabasco to each glass and a drop of Worcestershire Sauce.


That’s it, you’re all done! Unless you’re one of those terrible, terrible people who likes celery. If you do, then add it now and feel thoroughly ashamed.


So, as is the point of this one new thing a month, neither of us have had a Bloody Mary before. Turns out they’re not that great. Well, nice to end the year on a high.

Thanks for humouring me.


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