Brimham Rocks – A Photographic Article

Rocks, rocks, everywhere. We decided to have a trip to Brimham Rocks the other day, as I’d visited years ago remembered that they were pretty cool, but couldn’t remember much else.

After the heart-attack inducing car parking fee of £6 for 4 hours (off-peak, week-day in the winter, no less!) we wandered up the path to check out some rocks.

What are Brimham Rocks?


I’m glad you asked. They are balancing rock formations on Brimham Moor in North Yorkshire.

Essentially, giant stacks of rocks that seem to defy gravity by stacking up in unsafe-looking piles.

I read on an information board there, that they’re actually pretty darn safe and have had very few shifts/falls over the years. The rocks are like this because they’ve been eroded by various forces of nature over the years.

Supposedly some of the rocks now look like particular things and have been named after those: Sphinx, Camel, Turtle… and so on. I couldn’t really see it if I’m honest, but it was fun trying to work it out.



I had a quick look on Wikipedia and discovered that the site has been used for kids’ TV shows in the past, including one of my favourite shows of all time,  KnightmareI loved that programme, although it also scared the hell out of me.




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