Scotland, You Bonny B*stard

The one where I went to Scotland's West Coast


Using the Reduce Noise Filter in Photoshop

Sometimes, particularly when taking a photograph at a high ISO, the image can become "grainy" or "noisy." Noise is an unwanted random texture in the image. In film, graininess is the result of using film stocks which contain larger, more sensitive, clumps of silver: hence the grainy appearance. In a digital camera, noise is the... Continue Reading →

Creative Backgrounds for Still Life and Macro Photographs

There’s a huge craze for adding textures to macro and still life photographs. Whilst there are a wealth of resources online, it’s always nice to create something yourself and get it ‘in shot’ so that you’re not having to add it in post-processing. With a little creativity you can create something quite nice for very... Continue Reading →

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